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Jacinta Smith Triumphs as 2nd Year National Champion at Sydney Opera House

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Sydney, 28 November 2023– Last night, the Sydney Opera House witnessed the crowning of Jacinta Smith from Eastern Suburbs Physie as the National Champion Girl in the sport of Physical Culture (‘Physie’). This remarkable achievement comes after a four-year break from the sport, marking a triumphant return for Jacinta.

The championship event was a vibrant display of community spirit, with a substantial support crew consisting of junior, senior, and ladies members from the Eastern Suburbs Physie club. Their attendance vividly illustrated the club’s foundation of strong bonds and camaraderie, embodying a friendly and supportive community spirit.

Throughout the year, Jacinta has not only perfected her own performance but also dedicated herself to teaching Physie choreography to a wide range of age groups, from young children starting at 5 years throught to ladies over 60.

Her commitment to the sport extends beyond personal success, as she focuses on nurturing the next generation of Physie enthusiasts.

“Returning to Physie and winning the National Champion title is a dream come true. My goal now is to inspire and teach others. Physie is more than a sport; it’s about community, health, and empowerment,” said Jacinta Smith. She emphasized the numerous benefits of Physie, which include improved social connections, better sleep, enhanced mood, cardiovascular health, increased flexibility, and a focus on positive body image.

Jacinta is already looking forward to teaching again next year, embodying the role of a perfect role model for girls and women interested in joining the sport. Her passion for Physie is infectious, and she aims to introduce more people to its benefits through the Eastern Suburbs Physie club.

About Eastern Suburbs Physie:

Eastern Suburbs Physie is a premier club in the discipline of Physical Culture, combining elements of dance and gymnastics. It’s a community that champions health, fitness, and personal growth, catering to participants from 5 years up to over 70. All age groups and skill levels are very welcome.

For more information, please contact:

Jo-Ann Wardrop


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