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Flex & Roll: The Ultimate Stretching Roadmap for Eastern Suburbs Physie Champions!

Eastern Suburbs Physie's Comprehensive Stretching Guide:

  1. Tune In to Your Body: Listening to your body is crucial. Recognize your stretching limits for a safe and effective Physie routine.

  2. Proper Alignment: Align your bones and joints for optimal muscle use and to prevent unnecessary tension.

  3. Pace Yourself: Go slowly to avoid the risks associated with overstretching. This pace lets you listen to your body and understand its limits.

  4. Respect Your Limits: Stretch within your comfort zone to ensure a longer and more beneficial stretching session.

  5. Muscle Engagement: Always keep your muscles engaged for stability and to lessen the risk of overstretching.

  6. Incorporate Foam Rolling: Use a foam roller to enhance your stretching routine. It helps in muscle recovery, increases blood flow, and reduces tightness.

  7. Enjoy the Process: Safe stretching and foam rolling should be enjoyable and leave you feeling fantastic, ready for your day or a Physie class!

  8. Educate Yourself: Knowledge about safe stretching and foam rolling techniques is important for the best care of your body.

By adding foam rolling to your stretching routine, you're not only enhancing the stretching benefits but also aiding in muscle recovery and flexibility. This comprehensive approach is ideal for maximising the benefits of your Physie experience.

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