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What Happens in Physie Competitions

If you are competitive you can enter both individual and team competitions

Competing is not compulsory, however, being able to represent ESP with your friends is a lot of fun a gives a great sense of Achievement!
The annual competitions foster a strong sense of belonging, club spirit and loyalty.
National Finals for Juniors and Ladies are held at Sydney Olympic Park and for seniors at the Sydney Opera House.
There are a series of friendly competitions for both teams and individuals. Every club member has the opportunity to compete in 3-4 competitions per year!

Eastern Suburbs Physie Champion Girl 2023

Champion Girl

While participation in these events is not mandatory, we strongly encourage all our Junior and Ladies members to seize the opportunity to compete and excel. Eastern Suburbs Physie competes in various zones across NSW, with our Junior division competing in the Northern Zone and our Ladies division in the Sydney zone.

For our Junior and ladies participants, the competition involves competing within their respective age groups, with the top 5 placegetters advancing to the Nationals, hosted at the prestigious State Sports Centre in Homebush.

Repechage offers the Junior members who reached the zone final but didn't secure a spot at Nationals the chance for redemption, providing a valuable second opportunity to qualify.

In the Open Senior Competition, senior heats take place at the State Sports Centre. The top 18 performers from each age group (13 years and above) earn their place in the National Final, a prestigious event hosted at the iconic Sydney Opera House every November. The Opera House serves as the pinnacle of BJP Physie Competitions each year.

In 2023, our very own Jacinta Smith, a dedicated teacher for juniors, seniors, and ladies, achieved the remarkable feat of being crowned the 2nd-year National Champion. Join us at Eastern Suburbs Physie in 2024 and receive guidance from one of the leading figures in the physie world for an unparalleled learning experience.

Physie Competition Juniors


Welcome to Eastern Suburbs Physie Teams – where success in BJP Physical Culture team competitions is not just a goal; it's our tradition.

Our Teams are gearing up for another triumphant season, building on our track record of winning at the Championship grade, which symbolizes the highest echelon of excellence in Physie team competitions.

At Eastern Suburbs Physie, we thrive on the camaraderie and thrill of team preparation and competitions. Our dancers have consistently demonstrated their determination and skill by clinching victory at the Championship grade, a testament to their dedication and skill.

Being a part of our Physie Teams isn't just about competition; it's a transformative experience that imparts valuable life lessons through teamwork. Each team comprises 8 remarkable individuals who are not only judged on their flawless execution of the syllabus but also on the precision and quality of their performance. Within our teams, members foster unbreakable bonds of friendship, unwavering dedication, seamless collaboration, and unwavering support.

As a proud member of a team, you'll commit to excellence, work in perfect harmony with your teammates, give your all when it counts, and, most importantly, have an absolute blast!

Join us at Eastern Suburbs Physie, where success is not just a destination; it's our journey, and you're invited to be a part of it.

Adult Dance Classes for Fitness


Eastern Suburbs Physie participates in two Interclub competitions annually to enhance our Champion Girls and teams' preparedness. These Interclubs serve as invaluable opportunities to assess your progress and gain confidence on the competition floor, making them ideal for beginners or those returning after an extended hiatus.

While Interclubs are not mandatory, they offer excellent practice and an enjoyable experience. It's a fantastic chance to showcase your skills in your stylish new performance wear and share the excitement of competing and performing alongside your friends.

Join us at Eastern Suburbs Physie for this enriching journey of growth and camaraderie.


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