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Getting Started in 2024

Discover the range of services we offer to help you enhance your dance skills and experience the joy of physie. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have something for everyone. Join our community and let us guide you on your dance journey.


Register with Eastern Suburbs Physie

Join Eastern Suburbs Physie for the exciting year ahead in 2024

Our annual club registration fee of $40 is a requirement for all members and class attendees. This fee encompasses various essential elements, including club insurance costs, music copyright fees, team competition entry expenses, and annual administration overheads.

Join us at Eastern Suburbs Physie, and embark on an exciting physie journey in 2024, while benefiting from these valuable opportunities.


Register with BJP Physie

Once your registration with Eastern Suburbs Physie is successfully received and approved, you will need to register with BJP Physical Culture. To complete your registration with BJP Physie for the upcoming year in 2024 click on the link button below.. This annual registration requirement applies to all members aged 5 and above.

To streamline the process, the registration fee for BJP Physie is conveniently payable directly to BJP through their secure online registration form.

Upon payment of the BJP registration fee, you gain access to several valuable benefits, including:

  1. Comprehensive access to the BJP syllabus, facilitating your learning journey.

  2. A complimentary copy of the syllabus music and video, available for download.

  3. Eligibility to participate in both team and individual competitions, should you choose to do so.

  4. Enjoy the added benefit of free audience entry for your family at any zone competition.

By completing your registration with BJP Physie, you're taking the first step towards a rewarding and enriching experience in the world of physie.


Term Fees

 You'll find that we make the payment process hassle-free at Eastern Suburbs Physie. We invoice classes for each term right from the start, ensuring transparency and convenience.

Choose between attending one or two classes per term to suit your schedule and preferences.

Enjoy extra savings with our 10% Family Discount on fees when more than one family member joins our classes, promoting a shared experience.

Please note that our Pilates classes are separate programs and are not included in the Physie class fees.

Our class fees encompass all BJP syllabus instructed classes scheduled throughout the year, guaranteeing a comprehensive learning journey.

To simplify your payments, we accept term payments via bank transfer, making use of payID for a secure and seamless transaction process. We also offer Credit Card facilities for payment of term fees at each venue.

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