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High Quality Closed Cell Foam

Colour Blue - 30cm long x 14cm wide

Made in the USA

This roller is perfect for gentle fascial releases to reduce leg, hip and back pain. It has a hollow core to allow for some flex.  This patent-pending textured ( ribbed / ridged ) design mobilizes soft tissue to enable deeper access to muscles vs traditional smooth foam rollers, thereby targeting sore and knotted tissue in a more precise and effective manner.

Compared to traditional smooth rollers, this design prevents the roll from sliding. This allows for more effective tissue release.

This is a high quality, durable medical grade foam that is safe to clean in a clinical environment.

It provides gentle to moderate release of sore and tight muscles. Designed for everyday use including warm-up and cool-down for sporting and recreational activities.

Thera-Roll Pro Short Blue 30cm x 14cm

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