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"PHYSIE is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women"

7 Years National Finalist 2023

Physie: The Art of Grace, Strength, and Focus

Welcome to the world of Eastern Suburbs Physie, an Australian dance and exercise tradition, flourishing for over 100 years.

More than just dance, Physie (Physical Culture) harmoniously blends elements of jazz, ballet, gymnastics, contemporary dance, aerobic dance, yoga, and Pilates moves into captivating routines synced to music.

At Eastern Suburbs Physie Club, our commitment transcends age or skill level. We cater to everyone - from lively 3-year-olds to graceful over 70s.

Here's what sets Physie apart:

  • Inclusivity: Our doors are open to every girl and woman, irrespective of age, physique, or expertise.

  • Community Spirit: Physie isn't just a dance form; it's a community, fostering enduring bonds and mutual support.

  • Progressive Choreography: With annually updated choreography, we guarantee every session is fresh and exhilarating.

  • Holistic Development: Beyond dance, we offer technique and conditioning sessions that focus on core strength, flexibility, and balance, benefiting both dancers and non-dancers.

  • Family Ties: One of Physie's unique attributes is its ability to bridge generations. It's not uncommon to find grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and granddaughters dancing in the same club, weaving cherished memories.

  • Empowerment and Positive Body Image: At its core, Physie celebrates self-expression and progress over appearance. We foster an environment where everyone feels empowered and positive about their bodies, magnifying the joy of movement.

Whether you're a dance enthusiast or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, Physie welcomes you with open arms. Embrace an activity that's much more than a sport; it's a lifelong journey of growth, camaraderie, and joy.

Experience the enthralling world of Physie with Eastern Suburbs Physie Club.

Join us today!

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